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the sun, the moon and the truth

As long as they could remember, Jamar and Hanna’s daughter, Sky, aspired to the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. Well qualified in all the requirements, one big obstacle stood in her way over which she had no control: how to win one of the few mandatory congressional nominations to the prestigious institution? An unlikely source becomes her advocate. Two different people enter her life, Sean Hogan and Lieutenant General Michael D. Haversoper. Each in their own way will induce enough conflict to blur the dream. Why does it sometimes take a traumatic experience to solve the dilemmas of the heart?

Marty's Writings Journal

In 1954 there were three major newspapers printed daily in Pittsburgh; all with vast subscriptions. Hundreds of adolescent boys and girls delivered them throughout the day. Marty Rinehart had just turned twelve when Mark, a neighbor and his older sister’s unofficial boyfriend, handed down his Post-Gazette evening route to him. It was also the year that a well-liked teacher in his seventh grade inspired her class to write. Marty asked his mom to buy him a large blue notebook and began, many nights after bedtime under the covers with a flashlight, to journal his first year as a carrier. Jump on your own bicycle and ride along with Marty on this unsophisticated, sometimes funny, sometimes scary and conflicted, emerging and emotional awakening into maturity.


Two Paths


The positive test stunned the traumatized seventeen-year-olds. His parents and her mom were devastated. It was only a one time experience! It wasn’t very romantic. They broke up for the last time. Both of them knew they had none of the emotional, financial or physical where-with-all to raise a newborn let alone two. Abortion was never an option from the start. They would, in due time, together sign away their parental rights in favor of separate and closed adoptions of the twin babies.



When Jamar Clark’s girlfriend leaves without giving any explanation, he retreats to Topsail Island, his beach haven in North Carolina, to sort things out for the summer and get his head together. Rather than an end of a relationship, the move opens up a whole new world for the twenty-seven year old  .SKY is a story about a little girl who may grab your heart and not let go; a story of love lost and love found; a story of friendships, old and new, and how parenthood upends all that you thought life was about in your youth.

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Caching For Danger

Danielle shows up at Baventine Preparatory Academy in northern Virginia in September of her senior year. Randy is love-struck at first sight. He invites her to join their small geocaching club for fun. But soon the group of high school coeds become entangled in a mystery surrounding her, and the two teenagers discover that both of them have life secrets far more complex than their puppy love. How far would you go to help someone you fell in love with without knowing her real name?


Kids reveal them. Lovers share them. Families have them. Secrets bind us together like nothing else. A heinous crime casts Meghan and April together after hours at a deserted transit stop in Chicago. The effect is two women forge an enduring bond. Both nurses by profession, they uncover each other’s deepest emotional wounds and heal one another in the process. One abhorrent act ignites a friendship. Will one unearthed memory extinguish or enrich it?

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Diprinanio's Stand

Chase becomes infatuated with Suzanne, a young woman working at DiPrinanio’s Fruit Market in Brooklyn. Falling in love, they discover what they share in common, including growing up just ten miles apart in rural Pennsylvania. Their romance blossoms until he is shot during a carjacking and everything changes. A story of young love in search of hope: “Happiness is a journey, not a destination.”

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Treasure the Intersections

In 1988, Hunter’s first real love at college in New York holds a menacing secret. In Ohio, Julie’s marriage is on the verge of a divorce and complicated with a mid-life unplanned pregnancy. And outside of Harrisburg, Father Greg, a Franciscan friar, still battles past demons from the Vietnam War. Each is on a different course; each is struggling with uncertainty for the future. Down a highway on a wintry afternoon, their worlds collide.None of us escapes the desires of the heart to know that we can love and be loved no matter the time or place. None of us fully appreciates why certain people are placed in our lives for even a brief span to add meaning to our existence. And therefore we should always treasure the intersections.